Mario Carter - Writer / Artist / Producer / Musician


Mario grew-up in Detroit Michigan. His involvement in music began at a very early age; during the rise of The Motown Record Company in Detroit; As the story goes; his mom a back-up and fill-in vocalist brought a friend home with her one day, and the gentleman (Mr. Robinson), had a little guitar with him, he put the instrument in Mario hands and said, "Here little Mario let's see what you can do with this?" At that moment, at age about 18 months old, Mario played his first melody on a guitar. The gentleman ran out of the apartment, went to The Motown Studio he had previously wrote lyrics for his song "I Got Sunshine", which was renamed, "My Girl", and given to the Temptations to perform; turning Mario's melody into a well known music arrangement. 

Today, there have been many porfessional entertainers and Icons who have performed songs and used music arrangements written by Mario Carter; 



 Song Title: "I TOUCHED YOU' and "ALL I DO IS DANCE" 

Performed by: The Latin Kings (1985-86) 

*These songs were released as an A&B side 45 record on the Motown Label, and sold 2 million copies in Mexico and Central America.



Performed by: Bel, Biv, Devoe (1989-90) 

*This song was on "Bel Biv Devoe's" 4 song cassette tape EP Titled "Poison" and sold 500,000 copies; the EP did so well, the record company gave them a deal to make the "Poison" Album, which sold 3 million copies; My song was not on the Album, but 500k is ok with me!!


 Song Title: "ALL OVER YOU" 

Performed by: Rick James (1988-89) 

*This song was Rick James last 45 record released on the Gordy Label before leaving Motown Records.



Interpreted By: Prince as "DIAMONDS AND PEARLS" (1989-90) 

*This song was sent to Prince through a third party publisher; although Prince re-interpreted the song and music, it is normal policy on publishing contracts, that you are not allowed to make a song with the same Title, after recieving material from a publisher with that title!

 My Writers Rights Reg. Confirmation: 




Performed by: Keith Sweat, Written by: Teddy Riley, 

Keyboard arrangement by: Mario (Fingers) Carter (1987-88) 


 Song Title: "I Want Her"

Performed by: Keith Sweat, Written by Keith Sweat

Trumpet 1: Mario Carter | Trumpet 2: Keith Sweat 

*Recorded at: The Disc Ltd. Recording Studio A & (Side Stick Studio B); Detroit, Mi. 


 Song Title: "ANYTIME" 

Performed by: Brian McNight, 

Written by: (Mario) Mark Carter and Eugene Carter, 

Electric Piano by: (Mario) Mark Carter (1989-90) 

[Executive Producer: Barry White] 

*Dictations of these Session Proceedings were copied on to paper by Mixing & Editing Engineer Brandon Barnes; in a Santa Cruz Recording Studio; 89-90 Superbowl Week, 49ers!



Screenplay Title: "JAM CITY SLICKER" 

by: Mario Pernell (86) Rights reserved (1987-88) 

Was produced by George Jackson into the movie "NEW JACK CITY" (1989)



Mr. HB Barnum - Music Director & Supervisor of Following Events; 

 Sung background vocals for Aretha Franklin, with Hollywood's "Life Choir", two nights at The Universal Amphit Theater; 

 Sung background vocals for "Sister Sledge", with 4 other members of Hollywood's "Life Choir", at Dion Warwick's 45 year in music event; 

 Sung background vocals for 79th Academy Awards Ceremony (Oscars), behind Ellen Degeneres, and behind Jennifer Hudson, with Hollywood's "Life Choir"; 

 Sung with "Life Choir" on, WEtv "My Fair Wedding" David Turtera, (Season: 6 / Episode: 5) Heaven and Earth



Warner Brothers Productions - Burbank, CA. 

Body Double for Character: "Paul Traylor", on t.v. show "ER", Episode: "Book of Abby" 


20th Century Fox Productions - 

Role: Uniform Police Officer; on t.v. show "24", Episode: "Kidnapped"

*Behind Scene photo credits:

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